The Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe)


A division of the Computational & Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) brings mathematical models and conceptual tools to bear on fundamental problems in the geosciences and will be a center of activity for the mathematical and geophysical communities.


IMAGe composition

Computational Mathematics Group (CMG) Data Assimilation Research Section (DAReS) Geophysical Statistics Project(GSP) Regional Integrated Sciences Collective (RISC)


IMAGe Theme-of-the-Year

An important part of IMAGe is our Theme-of-the-Year (TOY), a year-long focus on an aspect of applied mathematics and the geosciences, designed to advance research and education between the mathematical and the geoscience communities. Typically our TOY sponsors a series of workshops or schools along with a visitor program, which coordinates with NCAR science groups and partners with other mathematics institutes.

Our Theme of the year for 2016: Extremes in Climate Sciences: A Statistical, Dynamical and Machine Learning Inquiry


NCAR-wide projects based in IMAGe