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The Second International Workshop on Climate Informatics
September 20 - 21, 2012

Location: Mesa Laboratory, Main Seminar Room
Hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado



ThursdayTime SlotPresenterTitleVideoNotes
  09:00 – 09:45 Jim Hurrell The Science of Global Climate Change MP4 Recording start at 24 seconds, no video of speaker until 33:58
  10:05 - 10:50 Tony Jebara Tutorial on Machine Learning MP4 Presentation (pdf)
  11:50 – 12:30 Amy McGovern Improving Our Understanding of the Formation of Tornadoes through Spatiotemporal Data Mining MP4 Presentation (pdf)
  01:30 – 02:10 Vipin Kumar Understanding Climate Change - A Data Driven Approach MP4 Presentation (pdf)
  03:30 - 04:10 Amy Braverman Statistical Perspective on Climate Informatics MP4 Presentation (pdf)
FridayTime SlotPresenterTitleVideoNotes
  09:00 – 09:40 Kim Cobb The Science of Global Climate Change MP4 Presentation (pdf)
  11:00 – 11:40 Steve Easterbrook A Comparative Study of the Construction of Global Climate Models MP4 -